Dallas Regional DiscoBots Win Big at Leland VEX! DiscoBots Rocked at 2015 South Texas Regional!

What is FIRST?

The FIRST Robotics Competition is an International High School Robotics Competition. Each year, teams of high school students and mentors work during a six week period to build game-playing robots. Robots complete tasks such as scoring balls into goals, frisbees into goals, inner tubes onto racks, hanging on bars, and balancing robots on balance beams. The game changes yearly, keeping the excitement fresh and giving each team a more level playing field. In 2013-14, more than 68,000 students on 2,727 FRC teams in 17 countries participated in 98 Regional and District competitions worldwide. Read More

What is VEX?

The VEX Robotics Competition, managed by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, is an International middle school and high school robotics competition that pits students against their peers. In addition to learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), participants gain valuable teamwork and problem-solving experience. Teams compete year-round at local events with the season culminating in April at the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship. In the 2013-14 season more than 10,000 teams from 33 countries participated in more than 800 events worldwide. Read More

Who are we?

We are team DiscoBots 2587. A FIRST and VEX team based in Houston, Texas. We are family of students that are from Carnegie Vanguard High School, Lamar High School and are home-schooled. We were founded in December of 2007, and since then, we have worked hard to bring students, teachers, and mentors who love technology together. Our goal is to design, build, and program robots for a variety of robotics competitions and teach our students to pursue careers in STEM as well as bring awareness of STEM to the greater community. Feel free to contact us at discobots2587@gmail.com.